Friday, June 8, 2012

Bacardi launch two new rum flavors: Wolf Berry and Black Razz

Rum-king Bacardi has introduced two advancements in flavor revolution, Bacardi Wolf Berry and Bacardi Black Raz

It is the first time for a rum producer to add this kind of flavors in a bottle of rum. The two new rums represent groundbreaking developments in ingredients never before infused with rum—Bacardi Wolf Berry with blueberry and wolfberry, and Bacardi Black Razz with raspberry and black sapote.

This is a huge step in the history of Bacardi product, by the past the brand born 150 years ago in Cuba, only created rum for only distinction its age: Superior (between 1-2 years), Gold (2-3 years), Reserva (5 years), Bacardi 8 años and the new spicy one Oakheart (3 years)

Before you taste it, here is a description of both innovations:

Bacardi Wolf Berry infuses blueberry and the exotic, sweet and tangy taste of wolfberry, also known as goji berry. The distinct combination creates a vibrant spirit, with a robust aroma and compelling taste. Bacardi Black Razz is raspberry flavored rum with the addition of black sapote, a type of persimmon, boasting a rich, chocolate-like taste that is both refreshing and sweet with a deep and bold flavor profile.

These flavors can be chilled and served as shot drinks or mixed with lemon lime soda.

In addition to this innovation, it’s also the launch of a new type of packaging, Bacardi has created unique packaging with an unexpected twist—breakthrough temperature and light activated bottles. When chilled, Wolf Berry reveals a red claw mark across the label and Black Razz unveils an enlarged brilliant red berry logo.

This is a big and interesting challenge for Bacardi; we can wish them the same success as the vodka actually known.

source: Bacardi INC U.S.A


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