Sunday, September 15, 2013

Spirits & Fair Trade: Fair Spirits Company launch its first Rum

I don't know if you have already heard about The Fair Trade Spirits Company. It has been created in 2009,  and as its name may sounds, it is the first spirit company offering only liquor with Fair Trade certification.

They started by creating their first Vodka, using Quinoa from Bolivia and distilled in Cognac in France, as Cîroc or Grey Goose. A Coffee and Soju liquor have been also launch in the same time but as they don't mentioned them anymore in their website, we can guess they stop the production.

2013 seems to be an important step in the future of this young company. In same time as a total change of the packaging of their Vodka bottle, the next big step is the launch of their first Rum. We can guess this project was in track since the creation of the company, but as you know you don't need to aged a Vodka compare to a Rum.

So we had to be patient 5 years as its age, to being able to taste this Rum from Belize. This very small country is located in Central America, which as the specificity to be the only one where Spanish is not the official language but English, due to colonial past.

The sugar cane is of course Fair Trade certified and "is grown using organic and sustainable farming methods on small farm plots. Each stalk is carefully hand harvested to maximize the yield and protect the land." As many of the traditional Rum it is aged in American Oak barrel.

What will be the next step and challenge for this young and promising company? White rum,
Cachaça, Natural aromatised Vodka... Fair Trade business is sure a challenging business to set up but this company can be seen as a good example of sustainable business.


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  1. That was a great launch of spirits company.i love it..Thanks for posting.