Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chocolate: The new trend in the Spirits Industry

Every year the spirit's market is creating new trends. For example last year was the trend of putting Gold chips in Vodka, Smirnoff just did a bit late, but this year sounds to be the one of Chocolate. It is a bit strange that nobody thought of this before, but in the same time it was difficult to imagine both products matching with each other.

This last month of August has been pretty intense for the launch of this type of spirits, starting with the famous Baileys liquor which legitimately after the blend of Coffee try to experiment the specificity of Cacao.

Baileys Chocolate Luxe

This is a big innovation from Baileys, which will excite numbers of chocolate fan in the world. Why that? Because it is real chocolate married with traditional Irish Whiskey. By real chocolate it means, chocolate from Cocoa Beans and not "false" chocolate issue from vegetable fat as compound.
The Chocolate is describe as "A luxurious blend of Belgian chocolate, cream and Irish whiskey which took three years to develop, the new expression was designed to replicate the experience of drinking melted chocolate"

It requires multiple experiment to find the final results, in order to find the right cocoa beans which will offer you the appropriate color and  consistency which is the key about  fine chocolate.

Stoli(chnaya) Chocolat Kokonut

If you don't already know, Stolichnaya has been the first brand to launch aromatised Vodka. To unlarge its Stoli's Indulgent range which also includes the Chocolat Razberi, Stolichnaya just launch in the UK the Chocolat Kokonut. 

For the mixigolist reading us "Stoli Chocolat Kokonut combines the natural flavours of coconut and chocolate with a smooth vodka with hints of vanilla and roasted hazelnut." This will probably influence you to propose a cocktail of the day or creat a new classic on your menu.

Mozart Chocolate Cream "R.G"

This is real discovery personnaly, before this summer I have never heard of Mozart Spirits which is an Austria-based distillery from Salzbourg. Their collection is already compose of 2 cream, 1 Liqueur and 1 Spirits.

Thanks to the  participation of chocolatier Dietmar Fadinger, Mozart create a new process which "specially developed a unique and elaborate maceration process for the liqueur, refining the cocoa macerate in Bourbon casks for at least six months."

The chocolate used is issue from Forastero and Trinitario cocoa from Ghana, recipe contain also Madagascan vanilla, cream, cocoa butter and alcohol. We can underline that using Forastero and Trinitario may be a good sign of quality, but at the end what really give the quality of a good cocoa are the know-how of the farmers and the environment of the plantation.

The final result is what Mozart Distillerie calls “a full and complex chocolate taste beautifully balanced with notes of vanilla and caramel, and a very delicate after-taste with a subtle kick of alcohol”.

Sure those differents innovations will be looked carefuly by their competitors, and we might expect from them to launch their own chocolate flavor.

Sources: spiritbusiness, baileys, mozartspirits, stolichnaya


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