Monday, May 28, 2012

Bourbon and Cachaça now protected in Brazil and the U.S.

The United States announced Monday, April 12 an agreement with Brazil for the two countries protect appellations "Bourbon", "Tennessee whiskey" and "cachaça", distilled spirits characteristics of the two countries.

U.S. Foreign Trade Representative Ron Kirk said he had made ​​that commitment with the Brazilian Foreign Trade Minister, Fernando Pimentel.

Starting this date, the bottles sold under the label "sugar cane liquor" or "Brazilian rum" in the United States will now be marketed under their real name, cachaça, while Brazil will officially recognize Bourbon and Whiskey Tennessee  alcohols as specifically American.

The United States protects the names on a bilateral basis only. That’s why; the conflict with France under the "California Champagne" is still permissible.

For the occasion, find some ideas for cocktails, made ​​with base Bourbon or Cachaça:

Bourbon Jack Daniel's

Made from Cachaca:
The “Caïpirinha” is Brazil's official cocktail: mix of lime, sugar cane and cachaça
 The “Pearl Button”: combination of lime and Lillet
The “Amazonia ": consist of lime, apple juice, sparkling wine and mint leaves

Based on Bourbon:
“Mint Julep”: fresh mint, sugar and crushed ice
The “Boulevardier”: Campari and sweet vermouth

Cocktail Caïpirinha


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